These Hardin Plumbers Deserve a Recognition – Here’s Why


I used to be a full-time and hands on father and a “perfect” husband to my lovely wife. Whenever my kids need me, I always made an effort to find time for them. I created DIY toys for them, or helped them create ports and such using my carpentry skills. For my wife, I made sure that I help her around the house and fixed minor problems with plumbing and electrical. I assume that’s one of the reasons why she calls me a perfect husband.

Harden plumberHowever, when I got a promotion to Aquatic Manager somewhere in Texas, I seldom have time for DIY projects and repairs anymore. Income is a lot better than before, but I feel bad not being able to help my wife with repairs at home. Just like this one time when she told me about a suspected water leak in our bathroom. I promised I will take a look in the weekend.

Come weekend and I was still tied up with my work. I was so occupied with work that I totally forgot about the leaky bathroom faucet!

The wife was becoming furious at me without me knowing that the neglected plumbing issue in the bathroom is the culprit.  Until the time came that she stopped talking to me. That’s when it hit me.

That day, I knew I had to do something, but I need to be at the office, too. I faced a major cross-road in my life. I am being serious here. It’s a matter of life and death for me.

Up to this day, I still feel grateful to the awesome team at Plumbers 911 for providing us quality plumbing services from that moment and all through these years. Their Hardin plumbers are all professional, and they are true to their promise of providing high-quality and timely plumbing services to their customers.