Advantages of Plumbing Camera Inspections

plumbing camera inspections Washington DCPlumbing camera inspections can be a useful diagnostic tool that can be used before any services are performed. This is advantageous for two reasons. It saves costs because plumbers can see down the entire drain pipe before making the decision to either clean them out or remove parts of the drain system.

Camera inspections are also advantageous

because they allow plumbers to find the problem, rather than taking several routes before finding a potential solution, or performing a task that may not be necessary to fix the problem.

One of the reasons certified Washington DC plumbers use camera inspections is to locate lost jewelry or other valuables that may have been lost down the drain. Sometimes, the item that has fallen down the drain will become stuck in a U-bend or other curve in the drain. This is advantageous to the owner because it has not gone into the sewage area and can still be retrieved. Before trying to retrieve the item, a plumber can locate it. This saves both time and money for the owner of the valuable, because if the item is not stuck, they will have wasted both time and money trying to retrieve it.

Plumbers also use camera inspections for homeowners that have recurring clogs in their pipes. While an occasional drain clog can be expected from time to time if the drain is not being regularly maintained, it is unlikely that drain clogs will happen repeatedly. If they do happen repeatedly, there may be an internal issue with the drain that is causing the clog. By using a camera, an experienced plumber will be able to tell if debris is catching on something within the drain. If this occurs, then the plumber can remove that section of the drain pipe and repair it. They can also remove the section of the pipe and replace it, if necessary.

When choosing a plumber to meet one of these needs, be sure they have the technology to perform a sewer camera inspection in Washington DC. This will save both your time and your money by allowing diagnosis of the problem before the plumber takes corrective actions.